Upcoming Events at Our Parish

Sunday, Jan. 29: Greek Letters Day

Jenifer NielsProf. Neils

The Parent-Teacher Organization of the Dr. Michael Baldouras Hellenic Cultural School presents the 2017 Three Hierarchs & Greek Scholarship Day Program, "Learning from Ancient Greece", Keynote Speaker Prof. Jenifer Neils from Case Western Reserve University. Click here to Download Event Flyer.

  • 9:30am Divine Liturgy. Sermon presented by Greek School.
  • 11:30am Classroom Open House
  • 12:00pm Brunch & Program, including presentation of scholarships, in the Cultural Hall.

Admission: $15/adult; $7/student. For tickets, call 440-331-2246 or email sdgoc@ohiocoxmail.com.


St. Demetrios Church Endowment Fund

Your contribution to our Endowment Fund can express your faithful commitment & generosity to preserve our parish for future generations.
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January 22, 2017: Share the Light Sunday

Celebrate OCN's "Share the Light Sunday" on January 22. Divine Liturgy at 9:30am.

"Byzanfest" Film Festival at 11:45am in the GOYA Room. Open to all. Any free will donations will go toward the media ministries of the Orthodox Christian Network. The program runs about 105 minutes. Click here to Download/Print Film Titles.

Film Title Description Duration
Beyond Art (Documentary by Madalin Butuiurca, Romania) Two Orthodox monks' hobbies are painting and photography. Voted Best Documentary of Byzanfest 2015. In Romanian, with English subtitles 5 min.
Out of Oblivion (Film by Nicholas Shaheen, USA) Joshua finds himself alone and confused, and must put his faith not in delusions, but in God. 3 min.
Faith (Horyzon Pictures, USA) Jonathan is a young veteran struggling with his faith, after returning home from war. 15 min.
Men in Black (Documentary by David DeJonge, USA) Abbot Trypon talks about why monks don’t dress like the rest of us. Voted Audience Favorite at Byzanfest 2015. Voted Audience Favorite at Byzanfest 2015. 6 min.
Rejoice, O Virgin (Documentary by Emily Pilcinski, USA) Clip from the 2014 Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium All-Night Vigil 1 min.
For Katy (Documentary by Kevin Alexander, USA) Katy has late-diagnosed PKU. Her parents speak up for her and promote newborn screening across the world. 16 min.
Breathing Underwater (Film by Eliot Rausch, USA) A woman finally comes to term with Grace. Voted Best Cinematography and Best Director of Byzanfest 2015. 6 min.
Come Unto Me (Documentary by Georgia Casciato, USA) The story of Epaminondas Balamos unfolds with his immigration to America in 1904 against a background of Byzantine music composed in 1952 by his brother John Balamos (1927-2011.) 4 min.
Andra & Her Spoiled Kittens (Film by Dinu Cristian, Romania) A funny tale told by the kitten Blacky, who speaks about his Andra, who lives at an orphanage in the Romanian countryside. In Romanian, with English subtitles. 11 min.
Blessed Is the Man (Documentary by Emily Pilancinski, USA) Performance of Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil Movement 3: Blessed is the Man 5 min.
Fear Not (Film by Paul Said, Lebanon) A new era of Christian persecutions has begun in the Middle East and Orient. Yet, the truth remains: “Those who love, fear not.” In Arabic, with English subtitles. Voted Best Youth Film of Byzanfest 2015. 8 min.
Winegrower (Film by Ivan Jovic, Serbia) In the quietness of a remote monastery, two monks are in constant touch with nature and the purpose of spiritual life. Voted Best Screenplay and Best Film of Byzanfest 2015. 25 min.