Upcoming Events

December 1-2, 2017: Retreat--Thriving In Our Lives

God created us to thrive, as human beings, in intimate relationships with Him & others. However, it is hard to live in peace with one another in the home, in the family, and in the community.

Join our conversation & discussion with Dr. Philip Mamalakis as he shares with us how Christ, through His Church, invites us to thrive in our homes, relationships, marriage, and parenting.

Endowment Fund

Your contribution can express your faithful commitment & generosity to preserve our parish for future generations.
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Raise the Roof!

The fundraising campaign for the church restoration project has begun! What is being restored? The external phase (begins Fall 2017) includes a new roof and replacing HV/AC systems. The internal phase (begins Summer 2018) includes duct work, new lighting fixtures, painting, carpet & pew replacement. The project cost is estimated at $717,000.

Pledges should be submitted by our St. Demetrios Feastday (October 26, 2017). 1st payment due by Dec. 31, 2017; 2nd by April 1, 2018. Pledge forms are available in the Narthex and the office.

Donor forms available in the office and Narthex. For more information, check out the dedicated website:raisetheroofnow.com.